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Biodynamic agriculture

When innovation is at the service of wine quality

Evolution of wine also means innovation.  But our search for innovation is not an end in itself. It does not follow trends, but specific objectives and a long-range vision. The grape processing techniques are ingredients to be known, chosen and combined to obtain a unique product, vintage after vintage. For this, we adopt certain techniques based on the result to be achieved

By dealing with every type of wine, we also deal with features that have become highly sought after, today at the centre of attention such as biodynamic agriculture. However, our attention to particular techniques derives from the type of wine we want to obtain: a unique product for the public it is intended for.

Organic and biodynamic wine  

The manager of the WEC, Luca D’Attoma, began to support organic wine producers from the beginning of the 90s, when no one had yet considered its potential. Today, organic wine is a consolidated reality: having been among the pioneers means having understood the evolution of the product and the market.

Organic farming has precise rules, such as the use of natural anti-parasitic treatments and organic fertilizers. All this is done, respecting the territory, with the planting of vines suitable for the area. From here, the transition to considering biodynamic agriculture was natural: a technique in which the main premises are total awareness and respect for the rhythms of nature.