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W.E.C. - Wine Evolution Consulting

The evolution of wine and the growth of wineries for a successful product.

The Company

Since 1999 WEC has been providing technical and strategic advice to wineries. To do it to our best ability, our company follows the entire path from planting the vineyard to the bottle.

We deal with all types of wine: red, white, rosé, sparkling, high or medium range. Each product must be centred, with its quality and specificity: only in this way can we really talk about the perquisite of wine.

Any type of wine must give satisfaction to those who have chosen, bought and tasted it, conquering both the consumer and the opinion leader. For this reason, our goal is a successful wine.

Our services

Knowing the customers’ tastes and the techniques for creating certain wines is the starting point.

That’s why we support companies in every phase of the production process with the following services:

Our method

WEC’s priority is the growth of the companies we work with. To date we follow more than twenty wineries in Italy and Switzerland. 

We put at our customers’ service the ability and the pursuit of perfection that distinguish us. We aim to have a one-to-one relationship with the managers and employees of the wine-growing year and the cellar, to convey both technique and passion. And to find together new goals to achieve.

We seek evolution in every step: in planning the vineyard, in the setting of the grapes, in the harvest. Because only with evolution can true growth be achieved.