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Luca D'Attoma

Winemaker and consultant for wine production.

I have always been attracted to nature and the agricultural world. So much that I have chosen them as life companions.

Animated by this passion, I directed my studies towards viticulture and oenology. Starting from my professional experience, I followed what my instinct as an experimenter advised me to do and I developed a very personal working technique and style.

I feel free from preconceived schemes and have the ambition to create something unique. Something that distinguishes my work and is capable of making the most of vines and territories. My passion for wine pushes me every day to broaden my knowledge, seek new horizons and experiment with unconventional techniques. 

Determination, pursuit of perfection, humility, creativity and intuition are the cornerstones of my professional life. They are essential to my reaching any goal together with the wineries I work with.

Luca D’Attoma